Book a Freediving Certification

Whether you want to improve your depth and bottom time for Spearfishing or simply enjoy being underwater without the use of heavy scuba gear a Freediving Course is the best way to discover lies beneath the surface.

Freediving is a fundamental part of spearfishing and everybody who is serious about the activity should at some point take a Freediving Course.

Enrich your Spearfishing Trip with a freediving certification, we offer AIDA level 1 and 2 freediving certifications.  Contact us to book your freedive course and ask about our Freedive- Spearfishing packages.

 About the instructor

Benoit Frachet is one of the very first AIDA Instructors. Ben, growing up in Nice, France, started freediving in 1997 just a few years after AIDA was formed. From a very young age, Ben fell in love with the sport and ended up traveling around the world sharing his passions. With his speciality in freediving, in the Cabo San Lucas area, Ocean Tigers offers decades of freediving instructional experience from casual to formal freediving in AIDA or PADI Certifications.