Spearfishing Baja is based out of Cabo San Lucas.

We are the only licensed spearfishing operation in the Los Cabos area, offering high quality reef and blue water tours on both the Sea of Cortés and the Pacific Ocean.

Our professional team operates under strict safety and professional guidelines – all are licensed FII (Free Diving Instructors International) guides – and we will help you develop your free diving and spearfishing skills while living the ultimate spearfishing experience!

About Spearfishing

– Sourced from World Heritage Encyclopedia™
Spearfishing is an ancient method of fishing that has been used throughout the world for millennia. Early civilizations were familiar with the custom of spearing fish from rivers and streams using sharpened sticks.
spearfishing_about_us_large Today modern spearfishing makes use of elastic powered spearguns and slings, or compressed gas pneumatic powered spearguns, to strike the hunted fish. Specialized techniques and equipment have been developed for various types of aquatic environments and target fish.

Spearfishing may be done using free-diving, snorkeling, or scuba diving techniques. Spearfishing while using scuba equipment is illegal in some countries. The use of mechanically powered spearguns is also outlawed in some countries and jurisdictions. Spearfishing is highly selective, normally uses no bait and has no by-catch.

Our team

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    Our crack crew at Spearfishing Baja includes Captain Daniel Martínez, a Los Cabos native who has been fishing the local waters for over 30 years; Miguel Constentini, a Mexican fishing guide with some serious big-game credentials; and Jacopo Brunetti (AKA Jacob Scuba), an Italian born marine biologist and professional underwater photographer.

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    Niko Bolduc

    Nicholas Yvan “Niko” Bolduc is the owner and operator of Spearfishing Baja. Although born in São Luís, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Maranhão, Niko was raised in Québec, Canada, and honed his spearfishing skills hunting in the large shipping channels of the Saint Lawrence River. (more…)